Friday, October 08, 2004

Accidents Happen, but this was NO Accident!

During potty training, most children digress. It's been a year now since I potty trained my girls. They have done wonderfully. However, Cassidy has decided that it is funny to pee in her panties. Chloe comes to me each time and says, "Mommy Cassie peed in her panties! Not me mommy, I go pee pee on the potty!" I call Cassie in to see me, and sure enough she's wet. I ask her why she didn't go on the potty, and she just smiles her devilish smile that she has been known to give me lately. Apparently it is really funny to her to do this. I hadn't gotten upset with her until just a minute ago. When I finally realized that this was all a big joke to her, and one more way to push my buttons, she was punished. One of the rare occasions that a spanking occurs is when they do something deliberately bad. And this was deliberate. I know Dr. Phil wouldn't like this, as he asks everyone, including President Bush and Senator Kerry, if they spanked their children. To me, it's about the use of spanking. Is it out of anger, or as I see it, a punishment that has been forewarned.


Todd said...

I mean really, who doesn't like Dr. Phil. And that definitely deserves big time punishment. I think you should kick her out of the house.

Carol said...

Thanks for the support Todd! I knew deep down you were a spanker too!!!