Saturday, October 16, 2004

Favorite Words

Chloe's current favorite word to say is "Actually."
"Actually, this is Cassidy's." "Actually, I already took a nap."
Actually, actually, actually.... It's really cute. I must say it a lot for her to pick it up.

My sister Rebecca taught the girls some words that they think are just hillarious..."scrumptious" is there favorite. They will say, "this is scrumptious mommy!" and then start to laugh, and say, "that's what Aunt Becca says!"

Erin's boyfriend Carlos taught them to do their favorite trick. He says "big belly!" and they stick out their bellies. Then he says "little belly!" and they suck in. This goes on and on. They love this game!

I think Laila taught them the funniest thing...I have taught the girls that when they are getting dressed, the tag goes in the back. Their panties, though, have a tag on the side. So almost every time, the girls put their panties on backwards. The other day Cassidy pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties proclaiming, "I have a wedgie!" Now she says this a lot, probably due to how much attention she got the initial time she said it.

"The word!" refers to any of the words the girls aren't allowed to say. So when I say crap, or hate, or something of the sort, the girls exclaim with a gasp, "you said THE WORD!"

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