Sunday, October 31, 2004

Our "Kitty Dora's" Posted by Hello

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For Halloween we went to a Trunk or Treat and Chili Cook-off Party at our church. The girls loved dressing up just like Dora in their cat costumes. And loved going around and filling their bags with candy even more! They got pretty good at the routine..."Trick or Treat!" (in unison of course!), open the bags, sling them onto their shoulders (like a purse), "Thank you", hurry to the next car, rinse and repeat (for Todd and Andy...). Well, they had a blast. But of course now they keep asking for their candy. I told them they can have 1 piece a day for 1 week. The rest is going to work with Brian. I know, Halloween Nazi...

After the party we watched "Night of the Living Dead" with some friends. Ok, this was such a dumb movie, but yet funny because of all the commentary going on in the room. Nonetheless, a classic. The best part was when the Bishop (we were watching the movie in his basement) snuck up and started banging on the windows behind us, and startled us all!

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