Monday, October 18, 2004

Speed Limits??

Inspired by a recent post by Andy (refer to "Things I will miss" #6), here is an example of Atlanta driving...

We were driving to Stone Mountain on Saturday, which requires taking the interstate. As I was being followed by a friend, I had to be very careful of the speed I was going, just in case he didn't have a lead foot like mine. There were 4 lanes of traffic. The far two on the right (in lanes 3 & 4) are for the slow-goers(3), and turn-offers(4). The far left two lanes (1 & 2) are for the more speedy of drivers. I decided that lane 2 was the safest bet for us, since lane 1 was travelling at very high speeds. But then I realized that the steady flow of traffic, in which I was following in lane 2, was going 75mph in a 55mph. Lane 1 was around 85mph, lane 3 about 65mph. This is a perfect example of Andy's "6. Widespread (and socially acceptable) blatant disregard for all speed limits." As we all know, I am a LANE 1 driver. Be ye forewarned, when you are following me, be prepared to be a lane 2 driver, with speeds in excess of 70mph. However, if you feel so inclined, please pull into lane 1 and pass me, giving me the signal that you TOO are a LANE 1 DRIVER!

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Andy said...

Speeding rocks!!!