Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Stubborn like her mom

This last while I have really been trying to figure out what's gotten into Cassidy. I have finally realized that she has simply learned how to test her boundaries and be stubborn from watching me. She definitely has my genes... Today we were leaving storytime, and Cassidy was refusing to get in her carseat. I asked her, "why are you being so difficult?" She responded with, "because I want to be difficult!" and kept right on playing with her toys instead of getting in her car seat. So of course the power struggle came into play. At home I threaten to take away Dora, or an afternoon snack. Lately those things haven't even been working. It's a good thing Chloe has been so obedient and loving lately. I would seriously go crazy if I had two little Cassidy's on my hands right now

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Laurie said...

Carol, she is more like you than you remember! Try asking her is she wants to be sweet for her mom because she loves you and just ignore the difficult part. That worked with you, well, for a while anyway. :) Love MOM