Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Voting Registration

I am very proud to be a voting citizen, and to know that my vote counts. It's something I have looked forward to for a very long time.

Last night, we were watching the news. It was showing people rushing to the post office to get their registration in before midnight. Panic set in. It was 11:25pm! Brian hurried and printed up some forms, we made copies of our licenses and some bills with our current address, and I rushed to the post office. To my complete and utter dismay, we couldn't find an open post office. It was so frustrating because I had just watched, on TV, people going to the post office to get their envelopes postmarked before midnight! So I knew there had to be a post office open somewhere! It was now 12:02am, I had missed the deadline, so I put the envelopes in the outgoing mail. At least we'll be ready for the next elections. (I'm sure you can all just picture how ticked I was about this! Image: me kicking my tire, with an audible grrrrr, as I walked up to my car from the Post Office.)

I should still be a registered voter in Florida, so I'm going to try to get an absentee ballot. Brian was registered in CT, so hopefully he can get one from there too.

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