Saturday, November 06, 2004


Recently Cassidy has had a fascination with jumping (reminds me of Alia, who has been jumping since before she could walk!) Today the girls had their first real experience jumping on a trampoline at our friend Sam's house. They loved it! We may need to get one to wear them out during the day, so they will start taking naps again (it's been a year since Chloe & Cassidy stopped taking consistent naps.)

Growing up, I always had a trampoline. We loved playing on it everyday. During the summer we would hose it down and pour dishwashing soap all over to slide around easily. We also would have campouts on the trampoline, we of course thought it was really funny to wake up the sleepers by bouncing them out of their sleep. They can be dangerous younger sister Erin broke her arm while being bounced by bigger kids. There's always controversy around trampolines. Got any stories???

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Todd said...

THere were always kids getting hurt on trampolines, or "tramps" as we called them, in my neighborhood. So, it eventually got to the point that parents would make other parents sign a waiver for their kids so that they wouldn't be held responsible for any injury!