Saturday, March 12, 2005

School Spirit

Brian and I got to go to the SEC Basketball Tournament yesterday, and saw our Florida Gators crush Mississippi State. The day started with a train ride down to the Georgia Dome. I was the lone Gator surrounded by a train full of Kentucky fans. I totally stood out in the sea of blue, and had tons of people looking at me. I am so extremely grateful that we beat Kentucky last Sunday, or else I may have been cowering in the corner. Instead I sat proudly in my Gator shirt. One man said to me, "I bet you wish you were wearing blue?" I responded with, "Actually, no I don't." I continued to hold my head up proud. As I got to the game, and waited for Brian to meet me, I had so much energy and excitement fill me just to be around all of my fellow Gators. I almost wish we could move back to Gainesville, just so I could go to all of the football and basketball games, and feel the excitement in the air! The game was fun, even though we killed them. It was great to sing the songs, and chant the chants, and do the Gator chomp! I felt so much competitiveness, it was great!!!! We're playing Alabama this afternoon, we beat them earlier in the season, and hopefully again today....1pm!

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