Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

So, the last few weeks have been really busy for me. This past weekend my in-laws came for a visit. The girls entertained them the entire weekend! After a 4 1/2 hour dress rehearsal on Saturday, we went to a friend's birthday picnic at the park. There we played a game of kickball. I haven't played kickball since probably 4th grade! We had a blast though, my team won! Little miss competitive here was very excited to tag Brian out for the final out of the final inning!!! Sunday night was the first of 2 concerts for Chords of Faith, the choir that I sing with. It was awesome! It is so great to sing difficult 8 part songs, with a talented choir. It felt like I was singing with my college choir again. My family is coming up for the concert next weekend!

This past week I had callbacks from a previous audition for a show in the fall, The Spirit of America Radio Show. I'll keep you posted on that. The only dilemma with it is that the rehearsals are every Thursday, my girls night! We may have to switch that night...

We went to our first Braves game of the season! I love going to these games, and so do the girls. They really have the chants, and chop down now. I love Braves season even more because that means my friend Janelle and her girls are back in town! They were resigned for another year. Another summer of fun awaits!

We'll be moving very soon now, so I've been busy getting ready for the move. There are so many things that I didn't think about needing to do, and it's all hitting me now. I can't wait to get into our house though. And the girls are already helping me pack their toys for the new house!

I promise to be a bit more consistent with posts and pictures. I'll put up some pics today...

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