Saturday, December 10, 2005

4 Years Old!

Monday, December 5th was Chloe and Cassidy's 4th birthday! We celebrated all weekend, with parties, cakes, friends, family, eating out, and lots of gifts. Brian's parents came up for the weekend, which the girls thought was a great present itself.

On Saturday we had a birthday party for the girls at our house. I know that a good rule of thumb for children's birthdays is that the number of years they are old = number of friends they can invite to their party. Well, that is really difficult since they are in school now, and their circle of friends has expanded. We invited their entire class, several friends from church, and a couple other friends. As of Friday night we had 18 yes's and 1 no. As of Saturday morning we had 21 yes's and 1 no. When you add in a few siblings and my girls, we had 25 kids here for their birthday party! Plus all but two parents stayed. It was truly crazy! With that many kids you can't really do any crafts or games, so we spent 2/3 of the time eating, first lunch and then cake after the presents. The eating parts were the easiest of all, it was the presents that was chaotic. Every child wanted to be the first to give Chloe and Cassidy each their presents(yes, every child brought 2 presents for them), and every child wanted to help open every present. Fortunately my friend Wendy turned into pre-school director mode, and got control of the kids, this had to happen every few minutes... Well the girls loved the whole thing, the attention, the friends, the presents, and especially their Barbie ice cream cake! It was definitely a birthday party to remember(and learn from).

The next day we went out to dinner for their birthday, their choice... Macaroni Grill. They love it there. (Sometimes we let them pick where to go for dinner just to have an excuse to go there!) So of course there was more cake at the restaurant.

And then on their birthday I went to their school at lunchtime and brought some little snacks (no cake since all the kids were at their birthday party), and read the class Chloe and Cassidy's 3 favorite books "Are You My Mother?" "Quiet, Loud" and "The Monster at the End of this Book." The kids really enjoyed the storytime, and of course the brownies, cookies, and blueberry muffins (3 of Chloe and Cassidy's favorite treats.)

That night they got to pick what I would make for dinner. They asked for spaghetti, and marshmallow salad. Pretty easy dinner.

This birthday seemed like it would never end...They are loving being 4, it's always, "but mom, I'm 4!!!" For some reason they think they should be doing so much more now that they're 4. I did let them start brushing their own teeth, with some supervision. They love their electric Barbie toothbrushes...

It has been a fast 4 years, as I'm sure the ones to come will be also. I am trying to enjoy and take advantage of every moment I have with them, and to really appreciate them. I love them so very much. Happy birthday my little princesses!!!!


Todd said...

Holy big pary batman! Then again, have you ever had a party with less than 20 people!?!?

Deanna said...

I can't fathom that many children in one house. Crazy. How did you have room for so many presents??? I'm glad they had fun!!!

Laurie said...

Did you know that two of your favorite books were, "The Monster at the end of this book" and "Are you my Mother?" funny,huh?