Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas Cards

We've been receiving Christmas cards in the mail almost every day now. Today I read through a nice letter from Brian's brother Albert. He went through each of his 4 kids and detailed their personalities and activities. Wrote some about his wife. And here's what he wrote about himself, after 2 short previous sentences, "I have done nothing else, just hoping to retire in a few months, so I can go live in a van down by the river." That's it, that's how he finished the letter. (BTW he's only in his early 30's) Ok, so this really gave me a good laugh, and made me think. I do love reading about the kids, but mostly I want to hear about my friends, what they are doing, what goals they have, their great successes. Brag to me! I love to hear that you are achieving your dreams and goals, or at least going for them. It gives me hope and inspiration. Reading about the hard times reminds me that I'm not alone in mine. Happy or sad, give me details! Keep the cards coming. If you need my address send me an email. Maybe I'll even get mine out this year (I still have all the stuff I bought to send them out last year!) But then again, that would mean taking pictures, making copies of the pics, writing the letter, addressing, buying and applying stamps, oh, and licking the envelopes! It's a good thing I've been receiving all of these cards to give me inspiration just to send mine out!

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