Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Just to let everyone know, my surgery went really well. A couple of funny stories....
Monday I asked the esthetician at my work if she would put some good lip balm on me after my surgery. She said "yeah, just remind me." Uhh, did she really think I would remember? We all got a good laugh out of that comment. Well, as soon as they awoke me from my deep sleep, I said "Karen...lips...I remembered" This got an even bigger laugh!!! The first thing I said after waking up was "is it too late to change my mind?" I guess I was pretty funny while in this weird drugged up state.

So the hernia turned out to be something else. The doctor cut out this black lump and sent it to pathology. He looked around some more to see if there were any more, but he didn't see any. It was probably just a lymph node. I will keep you all informed as to what the black lump was.

Overall, I'm doing much better than I had anticipated.

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Todd said...

Glad to hear it went well. Keep us informed.