Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mother's Day

Every time I move my mom comes and plants flowers for me. (I don't really like getting my hands and nails dirty) When we moved into our house last summer we brought over my empty flower pots--empty because the plants had died! (not very good at taking care of plants either) They have sat empty in our garage for the past year. Last weekend Brian took the girls out for a little bit, while I was at girls' night. When I came home I was delighted to see the planters on my balcony and front porch full of yellow flowers (my favorite color of flowers). This was such a sweet notion. I have tried my best to keep them watered. Fortunately I have 2 little girls who love to do just that!

On Mother's Day we spent the day at our favorite park, eating a picnic, playing frisbee and soccer, and getting a funky sunburn (my shorts were kind of twisted while a took a little nap). It was a very nice and relaxing day-much needed.

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Liz said...

Hi Carol! I haven't checked out your blog in quite some time! Sounds like you are busier than ever!! We are moving to CT! So life is busy and crazy right now. I've also started a blog. Send me and email when you get a chance!
Love, Liz