Wednesday, July 12, 2006


It has been quite the summer here in HOTlanta. It is seriously hot, and extremely humid. It's a good thing we have a pool in the neighborhood, and working AC in our home and cars!

Our summer started off with a trip to Florida. We first visited Brian's sister(as I previously posted about). Then we went to the beach for a couple of very relaxing days with my family. The girls and I then headed to Orlando, and Brian went back to Atlanta. We of course played games, swam a lot, and slept in every day! On our return to Atlanta, I brought along a couple of stragglers, my sisters Laila and Kenzie, and my brother Jacob. It was actually a pleasant ride home. My siblings and my children went to the Georgia Aquarium for a week long camp. Laila's class got to observe the feeding and training of the whale sharks--very cool! All of the classes (which were divided by age) got to go behind the scenes to watch feeding, training, and the care of all of the animals. They all absolutely loved camp. We love going to the aquarium as a family, so it is really great to hear the girls talk about all of the things they learned as we walk by all of the different exhibits.

In the meantime, I started a new job at an eye doctor's office. This is a great move for me, as it will give me the flexibility I want to spend time with my girls, and pick them up from school everyday. Plus, I get all the full-time benefits even though I'm only working part-time! Those were my terms, and I guess they really wanted me!!!!

After 5 days of being a mother of 5 (something I don't ever want to be!), my mom flew up to Atlanta to rescue me. We hung out, shopped, played games...what else would I do with my family??? My mom and the 5 kids all ventured up to the North Georgia mountains for a 2 week retreat. Brian and I joined them over the weekend. Our road trip there was not so enjoyable though. As we were just about to reach the cabin, a deer jump out of the woods and in front of my car. I screamed, swerved, slammed on my brakes, everything, but there was no stopping destiny...I hit the deer. Brian swears the deer ran off, but I think he got flung back into the woods from the impact of my car! Well, that little episode cost $2000 worth of damage to our car. Thank goodness for insurance, minus that dumb deductible--there goes my ottoman I wanted to buy! The rest of the weekend was uneventful, relaxing, and very rainy. Chloe and Cassie stayed for a few more days, and then went on another road trip with Brian and myself.

This time we were off to Wilmington, NC. My cousin Beau was getting married on Sunday to a wonderful woman-Crystal. Becca (my sister) and I jumped right into the wedding preparations. We had so much fun helping get everything set up, and making sure all the details were in place that we decided we should go into business together. I really couldn't think of a better job for me than event planning. I love that kind of stuff! The ceremony, which was held at a park, had a little glitch, the minister forgot the I was asked to sing something, ANYTHING, a capella. This meant a lot to Crystal, so of course I couldn't refuse. I'm not sure if anyone other than Crystal could really hear me, there was a fountain in the lake behind us that was quite loud. But she looked beautiful, and they were both so happy. The Luau- reception was a ton of fun. Lots of great food, dancing, horseshoe contests, and even karaoke! It was so nice to be able to spend time with my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. (Thanks Aunt Kathy for letting us all crash at your place!) The next day we went to the beach with all of my cousins, Beau & Crystal, Parker, and Roman. Of course, most of the pictures are on Becca's camera, so you'll have to wait to see those... On the way back, we stopped in Florence, SC and stayed at a hotel with Becca and Charles(who fyi just got approved for his Green Card!!!!!!!!!) What did we do?? Well, we played spades, slept in, swam, and played some more spades...Then we said our goodbyes.

In comes the 4th of July...My mom, Roland, and kids arrived at our house just in time to go to our church BBQ. There was of course tons of food, socializing, and Roland and Brian played some volleyball. We then tried to see fireworks, but after 45 minutes of waiting for the lightning and rain to end, we decided to head home. We did get to see those same fireworks "the largest firework display in the Southeast" on TV just minutes after getting home. It was a very different feel watching them to the tune of "When you wish upon a star" vs. BANG, BANG, BANG!

On Wednesday my family drove back to Orlando, all but Laila. She decided to stay here for another 2 weeks. We love having her here. The girls especially have had a great chance to get to know her even better (they will have been together for 6 weeks by the time she goes home.) We will miss her incredibly!

My friends seem to be having babies left and right, all boys too! (Except Melissa's twin Lily) I had a shower for one last Saturday, and there's another this Saturday. And several more to follow this summer.

Next week Chloe and Cassie are going to soccer camp. They have been so excited to get ready for this, buying their shorts, shin guards, balls, bag...Still searching for cleats that aren't 3 inches too big. After soccer camp they will be going to Brian's parents house in Florida for 2 weeks, to spend some time with their grandparents and cousins. While they are gone I'm going to NYC for a few days with my friend Sam, and I will get to visit some old friends. Can't wait to go back to the city! And of course to see everyone...wish you were still there D!

Brian is still loving his job, though always on the look for that amazing opportunity around the corner. The girls love summertime. And I keep extremely busy. I'm not singing much right now, which I really miss. But hopefully I will find something to do with my music soon. I guess I will end this novel, just wanted to get all caught up...

Oh and the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means that my favorite NBA team, the Miami Heat AND my favorite college team, the FLORIDA GATORS, both won their Championships! What a fabulous year for my teams! Too bad my good luck isn't rubbing off on any of the Atlanta sports teams...


Deanna said...

Man, you sure have had a packed summer so far. And it's only half over! So I'm so jealous that I won't get to go to The City with you. Sounds like tons of fun. I also am jealous that I don't have anyone volunteering to take my kids from me for a couple weeks at a time! That would be nice, on both sides, I think. I'm glad that you guys are having so much fun. It's definitely so much nicer to be super busy and doing lots of cool things than to be bored. But we all know that your life is NEVER boring!

Kristy said...

Sounds like you are doing great and are very busy! I loved reading about what you've been up to and getting caught up. Enjoy your time in NYC. I got an email today that Blueberries are on at Bishop's and got a little sad I won't be there this summer!