Friday, February 16, 2007


We have our first broken bone! A couple of days ago we had a bit of a wild child over for a playdate. She somehow convinced my perfect little angels to jump on my bed, and very softly pushed Chloe off the bed. This resulted in our first broken bone-her left foot-3rd metatarsal. It is very NOT serious, but Chloe sure seems to be working it! She was really liking the attention, until she was told she couldn't play on the playground at school today. She's been carried around by me for the past 72 hours, and I'm getting a bit tired. Oh well, gotta dote on my little girl! Especially since I tried to tell her to tough it out for the first 30 hours, not really believing that she was badly hurt-just thought she wanted attention...Then I finally took her to the hospital, where they took x-rays of her very swollen and bruised foot. I was feeling pretty guilty when they told me it was broken, so now I guess I'm trying to make it up to her by babying her.


Kristy said...

That is sad for Chloe. I hope that the bone heals soon!

Liz said...

Oh poor Chloe! I hope she feels better soon, and fast for your sake!