Saturday, November 24, 2007

Isabelle's birthday - 11/19/2007

The Danguy Family: Isabelle's birthday - 11/19/2007

Becca was so amazing, as was Charles. I think I had forgotten what a miracle it is to bring a baby into this world. And also so special that our Heavenly Father would entrust this sweet child in the home of my wonderful sister and brother-in-law. I love you guys! I wish I could be with you for her every move... and to help out of course!


Chas said...

Congratulations! That is my birthday! Scorpio, you better watch out!

Stephanie said...

Congrats to Becca and Charles. What a beautiful baby! Congrats to Aunt Carol too! Way to go having your baby at home Becca. It looks way more comfortable than a cold hospital room!