Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Who to vote for?

So I have been having this internal debate about who to vote for today. Even as I walked up to the table and handed them my license I said, "do I have to decide right now between Republican and Democrat?" Let me tell you why I am having this struggle...

I have 2 candidates that I truly would be happy with in office Romney and Obama. I agree with several stances on both candidates, though Romney's economical experience gives him an edge with me. I think they both show great character. I've been teaching my girls about voting, and how it is important to know what each of the candidates believe in. I even took the girls with me to vote, but I'll get to that in a minute.

I also took a test which confirmed how I feel about the candidates:

My "heart vote" is definitely with Romney. However, I really believe that we are going to have a Democrat as President. I absolutely can't stand Hillary Clinton(or her husband) and definitely don't want to see her in office. So now I'm torn, do I vote for Obama simply so he can have one more vote against Hillary = "mind vote"? Or do I vote with my heart for Romney? I've been turning this over in my head constantly. Even as I entered the middle school to vote I was still unsure.

So, when the election official said, "yes, you have to choose now," I went with my gut and voted for Romney. I feel good about this decision.



Elliott Family said...

So I guess our decision is made now. We are also leaning Obama now. If Clinton wins it we don't even know if we will vote. :(
Hope you are doing well!

katieS said...

Thank goodness I'm not alone. I too would have voted for Romney if he hadn't pulled out. I simply can not support someone who gives good (borrowed) speaches and tells me what I want to hear but with no real examples of accomplishments. Yes, I'm talking about Obama. But one thing is clear, I will not be sending up another Clinton, one was enough. So now I'm left with McCain whom I only agree with on national security. Even with him I am unsure. To better understand my conflict read my blog about the meaning of Thanksgiving.

take care

Samantha said...

Okay, it is time for anther post. You were my blogging inspiration and now you are a blogging slacker.
I know you are busy, so you should have plenty to post about.

Gladys said...

I will be voting for McCain this fall. My Florida vote was a Romney vote! Still wish he was in it. I will just have to wish for 2012.