Monday, May 19, 2008


A couple of weeks ago(5 actually) we decided to take our first family camping trip. (long story, pictures at bottom) We didn't have much by way of gear, but all you really need is a tent, right?

We loaded(and I mean loaded) my SUV with blankets, pillows, ipod and player, a travel hammock, and our tent. When we arrived at our very civilized campsite (not exactly roughing it) we soon realized that we didn't bring several important things...wood(for a fire), oh and matches to go along, something dry to burn(since everything outside was wet from the much needed rain), bug spray, FOOD, oh and tennis shoes for me :)

Fortunately, we had some great neighbors at the grounds, who gave us wood and a fire ring. I had my trusty Kakuro book with me, so we used the puzzles I had already done as our dry paper to help out our fire. I found a local "corner store" where I bought a single fire log, a box of Pop-Tarts to toast for breakfast, one bag of marshmallows, 3 king sized hersheys, and 1 of the tiniest boxes of graham crackers ever. I would have bought more of these, but I had already cleaned them out! We later realized that we had nothing to start the fire with, so Brian went back out and bought a lighter. It's a good thing the gas station was less than a quarter of a mile away!!!

Brian did a great job of starting the fire and soon we were making our very tasty and expensive s'mores (that little store robbed me!) We were all exhausted pretty early and hit the sack, I mean blankets. Around 2 in the morning I woke to numb toes, then I swear my whole body proceeded to freeze in the next 5 minutes. I was not alone in this frozen state. 3 of us huddled together trying to give and get as much heat as possible-Chloe was nice and cozy in her and Cassidy's 4 blankets they were supposed to be sharing...By 5am Cassie and I had had enough. We went to the bathroom and stood under the hand dryer trying to thaw our hands and feet, and backsides! Then we decided to go to the local Waffle House. We dragged Brian and Chloe out of bed and went to have some hot chocolate and semi-hot, not-so-tasty food. We made our way back to our little campsite as the sun was beginning to rise. Exhausted from a sleepless night, we cuddled back under the blankets, and slept until 11:30! We had fun roasting Pop-Tarts, playing frisbee, flying a kite, and playing on the playground when the sun warmed the air back up. When we left, the girls even asked if we could go camping again!!! We later found out that it had been 30 degrees that night, not exactly camping under the stars with no sleeping bags, kind of weather! 2 days later, I bought some 30 degree and up sleeping bags, in case there is a next time...And next time I'll remember my tennis shoes!


Deanna said...

Ok, so that's really funny. Um, you guys need to get out more! I'm glad you finally got some sleep and that the girls had a fun time. That's what it's all about! Love the roasted pop tarts -that's classic :-)

Kristy said...

Hooray! A post from the Campas! I am cracking up about this story. I can't wait for the next camping adventure...though I am sure it will be much less eventful since you now know what to expect!

Paul and I went camping in the Adirondacks over Memorial weekend one year. We just assumed it would be warm since it was nice in New Haven. WRONG! We ended up buying some long sleeved shirts at the ranger station and we pretty much didn't change our clothes all weekend. That's because we were wearing everything we brought in layers! :)

Samantha said...

So, this is funny on so many levels!! First you are actually toasting the pop tarts, great camping breakfast...secondly, your car is SO packed, with what??? Nothing to keep you warm. It looks a bit chilly in the day light, I can't even imagine what it was like at night.
Too bad Brian and I weren't there, we would have been prepared for you. Brian thinks that he needs to outfit everyone that is camping with us.
Too funny!

Kellie & Steve said...

dude, hilarious story. I can't believe it was 30ยบ and you only had blankets - yikes! It's funny how you never get a good night's sleep camping but the whole experience is the fun part. Love the $50 smores.

Becca said...

I'm glad you finally used the tent I gave you as a wedding many years ago? We still haven't used ours.

Elliott Family said...

Sound so fun! Way to go!

Dario & Steph said...

First of all its nice to see that you have finally updated your blog! It looks like you guys really made the best of your situation, waffle house? Where were you guys really camping??? Its trips like this that you will remember forever and always laugh at! :)