Friday, September 19, 2008

My American Girls

Chloe & Cassie were introduced to the world of American Girl Dolls a few years ago when my mom bought them the Bitty Twins. Earlier this year they decided they wanted the big girl dolls. We told the girls that they would have to save their money. So they worked hard to earn allowance and a little extra here and there. Fortunately they both lost a lot of teeth this year, and the tooth fairy was very generous, so that helped. After a couple weeks of saving, Cassidy decided that Webkinz would be more fun to buy, and started spending her money. Chloe held firm to saving $100 for her doll. After a while Cassie changed her mind and start saving for the doll again. Finally, Chloe had enough money and we went to the American Girl Store and bought the "Just Like You" doll. Chloe was so proud of herself(and so were we) when she handed the cashier the $96.35 for her doll. As a reward for having saved enough money for the doll, Brian and I bought her the ice skating accessory pack. Cassie was a bit bummed about not getting a doll, but she knew she had made the choice to spend her money early on, and that it would be a bit longer before she would have enough money to buy herself a doll too. A few weeks later, she lost a tooth, giving her the last few dollars that she needed. We went straight away to the store and bought her doll. Her "accessory reward" was a golf and tennis packet. This was a really fun way to teach the girls about money and saving. The dolls names are currently Abigail and Addison, but considering that those are two of mine and Brian's top choices for the baby, one of the names will most likely have to change!

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Elliott Family said...

How cute! Cassie and Chloe are starting to really look different from each other. I miss them. Hope you are feeling well!

Rebecca and Jason said...

I was looking for a picture of you at the end of this post.....
now you will have to post one of your cute belly!!!