Friday, January 09, 2009

National Champs! Again!!!

Charles and Brian celebrating our awesome win against Oklahoma!
They always have to drink IBC root beer when they are together.
It's so great that my husband and Becca's husband are such good friends.

I've been so excited for this game that I couldn't sleep at all today, and now I'm way wired!
I sure hope Addison sleeps until noon tomorrow because I'm going to be exhausted...


Samantha said...

Okay, so this TOTALLY isn't fair. Who is undefeated and couldn't even play in the game!!! I Utes should have played and would have been #1!! Robbery I tell you.

Megan said...

Agree with first comment posted. When was the last time a non BSC team won a national championship? Utah has had two undefeated seasons as well as Boise State but the system makes it literally impossible to make it to a National Championship game for conferences that are not BCS. Sorry this win doesn't give me the same warm fuzzies as seeing a Non-BCS team beat the odds and make it to a BCS bowl. Hats off to the only undefeated team this year Utah-even if they are my arch rival!

Elliott Family said...

I so thought of you guys when they were playing! We miss watching sports with you guys. Fans out here are not as competetive :) Wish I could see Addison!