Monday, March 02, 2009

The fantastic 80's

For my 30th birthday we had a totally radical 80's party! Everyone came fully dressed as if they had walked straight out of the 80's...Goodwill had a lot of business from us this past week. We had such a great time getting ready for the party, seeing everyone in their fantastic outfits, and singing karaoke to our fave 80's songs(despite technical malfunctions.) Megan won best female outfit, wearing a red jacket with major shoulder pads, red tights, and perfectly teased hair! Josh Petty won best male, dressed as a character(who though?) with awesome hair! Everyone really looked great, but Leslie topped it all to me in her Prom dress! My friend Angie wrote and sang a song for/about me as the kick-off to karaoke---thanks Angie!!!

Becca and Charles made their bi-monthly trip up, with my little sister Mikenzie in tow. Maryssa and Austin also made the long trip to celebrate with me!

Thanks LaLona for doing so much for my party! Unfortunately her little boy got sick, so Deanne graciously stepped in and hosted our big crowd.

It was definitely the best birthday party I've ever been to, if I do say so myself!

More pictures to come(if you have some, please send them to me!)


Thanaglim said...

had a blast!

Samantha said...

Wish I could have been there.

K and T Elliott said...

Oh I so would have loved to be there! I can't believe I forgot to call you on your birthday!!!! No excuses, just busy as usual. Looks like you will never forget turning 30! Happy Birthday!

Liz said...

Happy 30th! Looks like it was so fun!

Andréa Morrow said...

Happy Birthday! man you're old, can't believe your already 30..haha j/k.. you're young :) I'll be there in a year or so. awesome party..what a great idea!

Catherine, Tyson, & Emory said...

Man- so sad we missed this!