Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My Resume (not for hire)

This post is all about me, well, sort-of. I just want everyone to understand why it is that I don't post very often. Here's what my life entails (my commitments):

for me:
Chords of Faith-Treasurer/accountant, and of course I sing in the choir
Tennis-playing on ALTA and soon to be USTA leagues each week (plus practices)

for kids:
PTA-too many jobs, averaging around 12 hours a week
Girl Scouts-just started our own troop (I know, what was I thinking?)
Chauffeur-soccer, tennis, playdates...
Piano lessons-I'm just an amateur, but it beats paying someone to teach them!
Voice lessons-not as much an amateur, and they love to sing
Tennis lessons-they prefer me to the tennis lessons I paid for, so here we go again

for church:
Choir director
Ward roadshow-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

for family:
all that household stuff
lots of lovin'
and of course there's my full-time job-ADDISON

for job:
work about 20 hours a week

SO, to keep myself sane, I watch football, exercise (though I would like to do much more than I do), play with my friends, and try to have lots of quality time with the fam. And best of all, I take a leave of absence during the summers from almost everything! (except work unfortunately) To sum it all up, there's not much time for blogging...

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Andréa Morrow said...

way to go! you are super Mom :) just loose an extra 30 min or so of sleep so you can blog more often..geez. haha j/k