Sunday, November 28, 2004

Family Time

It has been such a great week spending time with my family. Each day was loud and a little chaotic, and each night was a big slumber party. (Thanks Dawna and Loreto for letting some of my family stay at your places!) But we all know that I love a big party! Overall, it was great! Our Thanksgiving dinner turned out fabulous. My mom and I did a lot of cooking and preparation Wednesday, and then everyone pitched in Thursday morning so that our meal was all prepared by 10am! To accommodate such a large dinner party, we rented the clubhouse in my apartment complex. This turned out to be a great move, somewhere for the kids and husbands to hang out while we women got ready.

We went to the Picture People (the best place for pictures!) for a 16 person family portrait. That was kind of crazy! Of course we couldn't get a large group shot with everyone looking perfect, but we got some great prints anyway. We also took a Campa family picture, so now we have our picture all done for our Christmas cards! (If you want one, make sure I have your current home address)

Chloe and Cassidy have loved having so much attention. It's times like these when I wish my family would just move up to Atlanta!!!

On a side note, our internet is currently not working, and hasn't been for a few weeks, and probably won't be fixed for a while. postings will be a little infrequent, but I will try my best. And Brian's site won't be fixed until he can upload everything from the laptop to the server.......

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