Saturday, December 11, 2004

Visit with Ma & Pa

The girls love Ma, their Great-grandmother!! Posted by Hello

As a lot of you know, Pa has been really sick. Right after Thanksgiving, we went down to Florida to be with the family. He's hanging in there right now, and I will update everyone when we know more.

We had a little birthday party for the girls (party #2 of 4) at the hospital with a lot of my family. Pa really enjoyed that, and we got the whole thing on video. Funny story... I bought cupcakes and candles for the little party. We were debating whether or not it was okay to light the candles in the hospital, but decided it would be fine since it would only be for a minute. So, we all sing, Pa helps the girls blow out the candles. But, WAIT! THE CANDLES WOULDN'T GO OUT!!! The room started smelling like smoke, and you could really see it in the air, closing in on the smoke detector! We finally got them out, while Charles waved frantically at the smoke detector to keep it from going off! We all laughed and started to relax once we were sure we weren't going to have to evacuate the hospital. Next time I will pay attention to what kind of candles I buy.....

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