Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas day and season. This year we are spending Christmas with Brian's family in Crestview, FL. All of his siblings and their children are here, totalling 16 of us (that's the same # of people in my family!) Last night the grandkids all acted out the birth of the Savior. Chloe and Cassidy were the Wise Men, along with their cousin Jeanine. Janel and Janice were Mary and Joseph, and baby Savannah was the baby Jesus. The 4 dogs were the sheep! They really enjoyed this, and the telling of the story, and all of the singing. This morning was of course a mess of presents and paper being tossed and ripped. Not sure who the presents are from, or if they even really belong to our children!

I am eager to travel down to Orlando and Vero Beach to be with my family. We will be going in the next few days, after having spent a few great days with the Campa's.

What a wonderful blessing Jesus Christ gave to us. He came to this world, a perfect soul, bearing the burden of our sins. How grateful I am to him. I love my brother, Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas to all!

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