Friday, December 31, 2004


We're down in Vero Beach now spending some time with my family. Brian will be heading back to Atlanta this weekend, while the girls and I stay here to keep my grandmother company. It has been good for us to be around my family during this time. Yesterday was Pa's funeral, followed by a luncheon at Ma's house. One of Pa's favorite things was for Becca to play the piano, and for me to sing with her. So, I sang two songs during the service. The first was "How Great Thou Art" at the very beginning of the service. I really struggled through that one. Later on after the Eulogies, and story sharing time, I sang "Unforgettable." This was one of Pa's favorite songs, and was also the song that I danced with him to at my wedding. So, it was extra special to me. Rebecca did a great job of accompanying me, shaky hands and all. And I was able to hold myself together through the song. It was a beautiful service, and we were surrounded by family and friends. Thank you to all who have sent flowers and cards, or have expressed sympathy during this time.

The posts will not be frequent, as I do not have a computer at Ma's house, but keep checking in.

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