Sunday, January 16, 2005

Elder Scott

Since Brian had a long weekend, due to the holiday tomorrow, we decided to take a trip to see his parents. It turned out that their Stake Conference was this weekend. To my wonderful surprise, Elder Richard G Scott was there. It was such an incredible feeling to be in his presence and to hear him speak. How amazing it is to be around one so in tune with the Lord. Afterwards we made sure that both Cassidy and Chloe had the opportunity to shake his hand and talk with him for a minute. His speaking companion was my old Stake President from Gainesville, now a member of the 70, Elder John S Anderson. He interviewed Brian and I when we were preparing to get married, and gave us his "2 cents" advice. He is a really great man, always making you laugh, and gave a great talk today.

Brian's dad is Stake Executive Secretary, so he got to spend the entire weekend with Elder Scott, listening to him, learning from him. What a wonderful thing it is to be taught by one of Heavenly Father's chosen Apostles.

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