Tuesday, January 18, 2005

... & My Favorite Shows

Driving home from Crestview this morning, we decided to use Deana's great method of travel. Like last week, we left at 5 am, girls still sleeping, and made it over half way before they woke up. This is definitely the perfect way to travel. Night time is too dangerous, cause we are tired. Early morning is perfect, as long as we have gotten some sleep the night before, and I have my gum!

So, not to bore you all with the same stories over and over...American Idol is back on! Anyone else hear the worst singers ever on that show??? Hopefully we'll start hearing some awesome singers soon. Now I'm back in full swing with my nightly TV shows. It's a good thing Brian and I like the same shows! Here's our daily line-up, in case anyone dares call during one of the shows.
Sunday-Desperate Housewives
Tuesday-American Idol
Wednesday-American Idol & ALIAS!!!
Thursday-The Apprentice
Got any good suggestions for Friday and Saturday? JK
Don't worry, I'm not a TV Junkie, I only watch TV at night! ;)


Todd said...

Carol, The first step for junkies to change is to admit that there is a problem... Just kidding!! If I had time, I would watch Lost, Scrubs and ER. Alas, I do not. It's a tough life.

Oh yeah, and Monday Night Football.

Todd said...

Carol, I watched American Idol the other day while walking around with Lawson and I have to say that I liked this show much better than the ones we watched lsat time. And it's all because of the people who are just horrible. They are hilarious! And some of the reactions by the judges are really funny.