Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Little Me's

Sometimes I wonder where my children learn things from, other times they so obviously have picked up on the things I do and say.....

Yesterday Chloe and Cassidy were standing in the kitchen upset that I wouldn't give them ice cream (or something unhealthy like that), mad looks on their faces, and their fists tucked under their armpits (as if imitating a monkey). Brian asked them why they were putting their fists in their armpits (they do this frequently). Chloe said, "because I'm mad." Brian asked, "like mommy does?" He then proceeded to teach them to put their hands on their hips when frustrated by something, instead of walking around like little monkeys. BTW, I do NOT put my fists in my armpits when I'm upset, they go straight to my hips!

Cassidy and I had an interesting conversation yesterday too...
Me: "I love you Cassie"
Cass: "I love you too mommy"
Cass: "Mommy, you're supposed to say 'You do???' "
Me: "Oh yeah. You do???"
Cass: "One kiss mommy"
Me: kiss one cheek
Cass: "Two kisses mommy"
Me: kiss her other cheek
Cass: "Thanks Mmmmmomma" (she likes to hold on to that first m for a couple of seconds)

Apparently, though I've never realized I did this, we have the exact same conversation whenever we have the "I love you" talk. And, well, I thought it was pretty darn cute.

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Todd said...

Carol- THanks to the birthday call to Alia the other day!