Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My Favorite Pillow

Well, I have finally have something to blog about...

I have this pillow, it's my favorite pillow and I sleep with it every night. Brian is always trying to steal it from me. It's a foam contoured pillow that "memorizes" the contour of your neck and head. I absolutely love this pillow, in case any of you hadn't caught on to that yet. Well, today is laundry day, and so I took off all of my sheets and pillowcases. 5 minutes ago I walked into the living room to find my favorite pillow torn to shreds! Chloe, Cassidy, their friend Avery, and our dog Raffi had been having a field day tearing up my pillow. I am so incredibly upset right now! They are all currently locked in their room until further notice.

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