Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Scares of Parenthood

As we are preparing for our move, we have tons of boxes around. The girls wanted to join in on the packing, so Brian taped up a couple of boxes for them. It has instead turned into a game. One of the girls will get in the box, and Brian will pretend to mail her to our new house, or anywhere she wants to go. Last week my mom, and my sisters Laila and Mikenzie came up for a fabulous visit. Mikenzie started a new game with the boxes. The girls would get in, and she would roll them around on the floor. They thought it was hilarious. However, on Monday Cassie got into a box and tipped the box backward. She hit her head on the stereo cabinet, and screemed bloody murder. Usually I will let the girls cry out their injuries, but I knew this one was for real. I picked her up and soon realized she was bleeding on the back of her hair. Everyone knows how bad blood freaks me out, so the site of her blood matted hair sent me to the bathroom to, well, regain my composure. When we found the site where the blood was coming from, it appeared to be very tiny, nothing that could be stitched. After washing her hair a few hours later I looked at the cut again. To my horror it looked like a deep, long gash. I took her to the Emergency Room, waited for 3 1/2 hours, until finally the doctor came in, said she needed stitches, then left the room. She didn't come back for another 45 minutes! Cassie was quite the trooper. She asked me to sing to her while they were stitching up her head. 5 STITCHES!!!!! She seems to be just fine, but now I am totally paranoid about her falling again and busting it back open. She's in the bath right now, and I can finally wash that mess out of her hair!


Deanna said...

That's always scary! I'm glad she's ok. At least she has a cool story to tell later on!

Todd said...

Why does it always take so long for the doctor to come in?

Todd said...

Are you still alive?