Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Move that Wasn't

I initially thought this thing was a place to vent my frustrations, but it has turned into more of a journal. Today, however, I would like to vent. I'll break it into pieces here:

So, we were supposed to close on our house yesterday. Saturday we started getting worried because it didn't appear to be close to being done. And as of Monday morning the wood floors hadn't even been done. Basically nothing had been done since our walk through last Tuesday. I met with one of the main contractors, and went through all of the things that needed to be completed before we would close. It was very obvious that we wouldn't be closing for at least another day. They have pulled through pretty well on the major repairs and such, and there are some small things that are acceptable to be finished at a later time.

Chloe and Cassidy have been in Florida with Brian's parents for the past 10 days. They are coming home on Thursday! The whole point was to move without the girls, and get a lot unpacked. But I desperately want them to come home, so I don't want to delay that. Oh, but where is everyone supposed to stay?--we're still living in a 2 Bedroom apt. with our friends!

When we moved out of our apartment, and sublet it to some friends, we left our furniture(moved our stuff to a storage unit). Since we told them we were going to be moving our furniture out today, they had their rental furniture delivered today! They are being so kind letting us keep our furniture there for another day or two, even though it is a very tight squeeze for them.

We had lined up several guys from church to come help us move tonight, and we had to reschedule them. Hopefully we will be able to get a good number at the last minute, whenever that might be.

To sum it all up, I am extremely frustrated, stressed, angry, and exhausted. I knew I hated moving before, but now I truly HATE it!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!


Todd said...

I hate moving!

Deanna said...

Man, sorry to hear about all the problems! That stinks! I hope you get to move in ASAP!

Andy said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles. That's why I'm going to be a lawyer: So I can threaten to sue the idiots that surround me in this world, in order to make them do things on time like they said they would. I don't know if you can really sue people for all of the things I want to, but the point is that you can THREATEN to sue them, and that's where the fun is!