Tuesday, July 12, 2005

We're In!!!

Yes, we finally moved! 3 weeks ago today we signed the papers, drove to our house and started unloading. We had packed up the U-haul that morning and drove it to our house so that we could begin as soon as the place was officially ours. It is so wonderful to have our own place, with lots of space, STORAGE, a garage, etc. etc. etc. Basically, I love it. Brian's working on pictures for his website to show the end result. I'll post some on here soon too.

Chloe and Cassidy, and our dog Raffi have found many, many different spaces to play in. One surprising favorite is the garage. The girls play in their car, with the sit 'n spin, balls, and in my car. Our townhouse is 3 stories, so we are getting quite the workout every day. It really sucks when you get all the way to the car, realize you left something in your room on the 3rd floor, and have to go all the way back up. I do this ALL the time, and I usually get distracted while upstairs, and forget to get the initial thing I went up there for, and then have to go back again!

Please, please come visit!


Deanna said...

Great to read an update!! I'm so glad you're loving the new place!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. A first home is very exciting. Penny and I are very happy for you and your family

Uncle Rick in Gilbert AZ