Sunday, August 21, 2005

Vacation Season

So, we've been back from the mountains for 2 weeks now, and I guess I better write about our trip before I forget what we did! It was a wonderful 2 weeks. Chloe and Cassidy were so incredibly thrilled to be able to play with Mikenzie and Laila every day. Mostly we relaxed, enjoyed each other's company, and stayed up late playing games. One day we went tubing down the river in Helen, GA and had a great time. So, then we went back 3 more times, and spent the afternoons relaxing on the river. I definitely recommend this as a summer activity for anyone in the area, it's only 90 minutes north of Atlanta. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures from tubing in the next few weeks--my mom bought a water camera, and hasn't developed the film yet, at least, I doubt she has. Want to get on that mom???
What else did we do? We played tennis, shopped in dowtown Helen, hiked a couple of trails to waterfalls, went to Babyland General--the Cabbage Patch Kids Hospital, went canoeing, and spent afternoons at a beach area on the lake at Unicoi State Park. (pictures to follow)
Oh! And I read Harry Potter on this trip too! Excellent book.

It was nice that the cabin was so close to our house, so then Brian was able to come up on the weekends. It really was a wonderful trip, relaxing, but yet fun. I love being on vacation. Speaking of vacations, I have a few more under my belt. This Friday the girls and I are driving down to Florida for 5 days. It is my dad's 50th birthday, so we're going to go to his party on Saturday. This Thursday my sister Becca's birthday. Next Monday, the 29th, is my Pa's birthday, so we will do something special to remember him on his day. It of course will be a busy weekend, but it is a much needed trip to Orlando, seeing as we haven't been since February! It's a good thing my family is all so good about coming to Atlanta to see us!!!
Then...Brian and I are going to NYC with my mom, Roland, Ma, and sisters for Labor Day weekend. We're going to go to the US Open (tennis), see a show, and SHOP! Then, I'm going to Connecticut to visit friends for a few days. And then finally, my mom and I are going to Chicago for a few days in the middle of September. Hopefully we'll be able to catch a taping of Oprah! It's going to be a crazy month for me, but I will make sure to at least get some pictures on here.

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