Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New York, New York

We just returned from a fabulous 5 day vacation in NYC with my family. It has become a tradition for my family to go to NYC each year Labor Day weekend. We went to the US Open on Monday and saw some fantastic tennis. We saw 2 shows, Mamma Mia, which had fun music. But my favorite was WICKED! It is an absolutely amazing show. I tried to get tickets for my family a few months ago, but it sells out months in advance. The box office has a lottery for each show, 28 front row seats, for $25!!! This is an awesome price. 10 of us, my whole family plus my friend Deanna, showed up at the lottery and put our names in. There were probably another hundred or so people that put their names in the lottery too. My brother-in-law Charles' name was drawn! Upon returning from getting his 2 tickets, he handed one to me, and one to my grandmother. This was an incredibly unselfish gesture on his and my sister's part. They both really wanted to see the show really badly. Someday I will find a way to be unselfish for them too. Well, the show was just incredible! I bought the CD and have been listening to the music non-stop since I got home (just last night).

We got to see a couple of friends while we were up there, it was so nice to be able to reconnect with friends from New Haven. We had lots of great food, and especially desserts... Walked the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset/evening--gorgeous! And of course, shopped a ton! My sisters, mother and grandmother all got a couple of purses and several pieces of jewelry. I stuck with clothes shopping!

Over all it was a very enjoyable trip. I can't wait to go back next year!
Pictures to come, I PROMISE!

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Todd said...

Ouch. We were relagated to "friends from New Haven" status without so much as a mention of our names!! Well, we forgive you! It was fun to see Mamma Mia with you guys and Deanna loved hanging out with you. Maybe, just maybe, we will make a trip down to Atlanta one of these days...