Thursday, September 22, 2005


So, most of you know that I went to Chicago last week for the AI auditions. It really was a great experience. We met some cool people, and some fabulous singers. There were thousands of auditioners, lots of wind rain, hours of waiting, and then auditions that were over before you knew they had begun...

The man in charge of the auditions had told us the first day that we needed to show personality. I wondered how we were supposed to do that with only 25 seconds to sing our songs. We were split into groups of 4, then stacked back in rows. Several groups in front of me auditioned with not one person making it to the second round. Then, to my horror, one girl in the group just before mine got a "Gold Ticket." I knew before I stepped up with my group that none of us were going to get through. They really were taking so few people from that first round. When I stepped up for my turn, I was asked to wait a minute. The auditions were at Soldier Field, and there was a man with a loud machine spray painting the lines right behind my judge. When he was done I said something funny(wish I could remember what), and both the judge and her assistant laughed. I thought it was a good sign that they could see a little of my personality. I decided to sing Summertime, from Porgy & Bess. I sang it just as I had practiced, so I felt good about my performance. Unfortunately not one person from my group, or the group after mine, made it through. We were asked to step forward and have our wristbands cut off.
So, honestly, I was pretty bummed by the whole thing. It sooo didn't go the way I thought it would, I mean, I thought I'd get through to the second round at least. It just wasn't meant to be that time. It really was a great experience for me though. I have learned a lot, and I'm sure I will try again next year, and in other ways to pursue my dreams.

Piper, Corrine, Laila, and yours truly waiting in line to get wristbands the first day.
We played the favorite game Zilch while sitting in line for 5 hours!

Do we look alike? Everyone kept asking if Jennie and I were sisters.

In the bathroom trying to stay warm. It was freezing outside, and we were all wet from standing in the rain for 3 hours that morning!

After the cut with friends from the first day of line up...we're all smiling, but there were a lot of really ticked off singers and family and friends!

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