Thursday, September 22, 2005


I have a new love...Chicago! I absolutely love this city. It has amazing architecture, the water around and through the city is beautiful, it's clean, and it's alive! I'm such a city girl. I think Chicago passed NYC on my favorite city list. My friend Jennie showed us around the city (she lived there for several years.) We ate at great restaurants, went on an incredible boat ride on the river and out into Lake Michigan, shopped (of course), sat in the whirlpool at the hotel, slept until 10am, and went to the aquarium and Navy Pier. My mom and my sister Laila went with me for 6 days, and then Jennie and Maryssa flew up for the weekend. It was a fabulous trip, and fun to have a long girls slumber party!

Mom and I at Navy Pier our last night.

Jennie and moi on the boat out on Lake Michigan

Gorgeous skyline of Chicago

On the boat, with Navy Pier behind us.

Maryssa and I at The Original Billy Goat Tavern.
Most broadly known from the SNL skit
No Pepsi, Coke"
Very tasty burger and chips (No fries, cheeps!)

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