Wednesday, September 07, 2005

NYC Part 3

I always have a ton of fun with my sisters, and this time was no different. Becca and her husband Charles, and Erin and her boyfriend Carlos all came on the trip this year. My family loves to play games. So if there are no little kids around, no alarm clocks going off in the morning, and we're all together, you better believe we're going to play some cards! (Settlers was to big to bring in the suitcases) We played Shucky, Ligretto, Tarot (a new French card game), and I played a little Solitaire while waiting for my turn in the shower. We shopped together, ate together, did each other's hair, and watched some awesome tennis! We really had a great time together.

Ma, my mom's mom, came with us this year too. I have really seen a fun and amuzing personality come out of her in recent months. She's hilarious to play games with, fun to shop with, and just a great person overall. She jumped right in on the purse and earring buying bandwagon.

And of course my mom and Roland came. Roland was pretty tame over the weekend, funny as always, but not too crazy. Mom as always loved being in NYC, and away from the stresses of every day life. She's a blast to shop with too! We found some way cute scarves and pins at a cool store called Laila Rowe. My mom also found an inexpensive, very stylish store called STEPS, got some cute stuff there too. Both of these stores have several locations in Manhattan. Thanks for a wonderful trip mom and Roland!!!

On every corner there were street vendors selling purses and earrings. We stopped at almost every one of them! They all had the same things, but these girls kept digging through until they found that one gem. I must admit, they did get some cute purses and earrings.

Hopefully Ashley and her husband Dan will come with us next year!

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