Friday, March 17, 2006

I've been wanting to post about a specific subject for a while, and now I need to vent about it. There's a new show on HBO called "Big Love" about a polygamist family in Utah. Well, the Mormon polygamy questions seem to be everywhere these days. But the thing that made me blog today was a comment by a patients husband...
We were discussing the college basketball tournament. He said that he and his wife filled out their brackets. His picks were based on knowledge of the teams. Her picks were based on the city, "San Diego's a nice city, I'll pick them...Utah, the Mormon's have more than one wife, they should lose..." He did mention at some point that he went to some big Baptist church, so I wasn't all that surprised by his remark. Why can't people get it through their heads that WE don't do that! I'm so tired of it all.

Seeing as I started this post on the 17th, 6 days ago, I'll just leave it as it is. You see, I just don't have much time for this anymore! That's like the emails that sit in draft mode in my email box for weeks.

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