Saturday, March 04, 2006


On Wednesday Chloe and Cassie learned about Ash Wednesday and Lent at their Catholic pre-school. They came home with papers saying what they were going to do for Lent.

For lent I am going to..."Help sister and help mommy with Raffi."
For lent I am going to..."Help with dishes and food."

Their theme at school was Jesus is the reason for the season.

So, not only are they learning letters, shapes, writing, and coloring in the lines, they are also learning how to cross themselves, say Catholic prayers, and all about Catholic traditions and holidays. I have yet to see them cross themselves at home, so hopefully it won't cross over into the rest of their lives.(no pun intended) I'm actually very pleased that their school teaches them such good principles. I'll be sad for them to be in public school next year, away from the good Christian themes and examples. I still can't believe that they are going to be in school full time next year. They're getting old too! At least it's not just me.

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