Thursday, April 13, 2006

Guest Blog from Nana

Chloe & Cassie are spending their spring break with my mom in Florida. My mom very kindly wrote up a couple of cute stories about their stay...

This week Chloe and Cassie were staying at my house in Orlando. On Monday I took them to the Science Center. The first thing we saw were the baby (but getting bigger) aligators and snapping turtles swimming around the atrium pond. The girls were a bit hesitant and kept their distance from the glass. Next we went into a room with lizards, geckos, tarantulas etc in glass tanks. After some coaxing and reassuring that none of the animals would get out, they settled in to look at them. Wouldn't you know that just as they are getting okay with this whole thing, a giant Florida cockroach crawls across the floor. Well, that was the end of that room. Then we went to the cinedome for a star gazers show. The announcer said that a hampster named Jerry has escaped and would we please look under our seats. It was part of the show, but at first that was not evident. I don't think these girls trust me any more!

Chloe is so cute. I took her to the Cingular store with me. She was sitting on the counter and while we waited, I poked her belly and told her it had a sign on it that said "tickle me". That was followed by a tickle of course. Next, I said that I was wrong and it actually said "kiss me" (by the way, that is one of their favorite words "actually Nana. . .") She then proceeded to lift up her shirt and said "that's not what it says." I asked her what it said and she said, "it says FEED ME." These girls love to eat. The next morning I was driving Jake and Mikenzie to school and Chloe had just woken up so I popped her in the car with me. After I dropped them off I asked Chloe what she wanted to do today because it is their last day. I gave her some options, go to the park, go shopping, go to the zoo. She considered all of them for a few minutes and said, "I know what I want to do . . . eat." A one track mind for sure.

Also, FYI, Carol, Chloe fell in the pool yesterday with all of her clothes on. We were all right there and no problem, but her respect for the edge has increased. Also, Cassie spent the night at Becca's. Have they ever been apart before?

Love you

That was their first night apart I believe. According to Becca and Charles, Cassidy thought it was so cool that she was spending the night by herself. Sometimes they like that personal attention.

My mom has put a very obnoxious sounding alarm system on all of her doors leading outside. This made me feel at ease about the girls being there without me watching their every move. They love to swim, but most definitely need adult supervision. One time I heard Chloe say to Mikenzie as she opened the door, "we didn't ask mommy if we could go outside yet." That told me that she had listened to the rules and she was going to be responsible.

Chloe and Cassie are coming home tomorrow, I can't wait!

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