Thursday, April 27, 2006


April flew by for me. First some of our best friends, the Ebbert family, came to visit us for a week. It was a fabulous week that went by way too fast. We went to the Georgia Aquarium, played frisbee, played tennis, rode bikes and the Barbie Jeep, got yummy ice cream, made incredible dinners, played tons of games, shopped, pampered ourselves, talked, and laughed a lot. It was just like the old days! It was really fun to watch our girls play with their daughter Alia. It had been almost 2 years since they had seen each other, but they jumped right back into playing, as if they hadn't ever been away. That's the way that good friends should be. It is so reassuring to know that you have friendships that will last a lifetime.
(If I ever get around to posting pics, I will post some from this week. But until then, you can see some on their website HERE and HERE.)
Oh yeah, and we watched THE GATORS win their FIRST basketball NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! It was a pathetic final game, total blowout, but we were able to rest easy watching anyway.

Then we went to Florida for a few days and had a very relaxing couple of days. Sometime I forget how much I love the beach...One of those things that you appreciate more when you've been away for a while. Then Chloe and Cassie stayed-as you read in my mom's guest post.

For Easter, my sister Becca and her husband Charles came to visit, and brought the girls home. We had a packed weekend. Played games of course, went to a Primary Easter party, went to the Atlanta Thrashers game, and Becca and I went to THE BLACK EYED PEAS concert. All events were so much fun! We had a very nice and relaxing Easter day, which we spent at our friends' Sam & Brian's house, followed by more Settlers of Catan. We have so much fun hanging out with them.

Since then, Brian and I have both been working a ton. Tomorrow we are heading back down to Florida for Roland's surprise 50th birthday party! Lots of driving, but it will be a blast I'm sure.

To sum it up, we've kept really busy working and playing with friends and family, good times!

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