Friday, October 20, 2006

The First Week

So, this post began uhh 2 months ago, and I never finished. It will give you a glimpse of the first week anyway. I was trying to be creative, but apparently ran out of any creative juices I might have had.......................

Chloe & Cassie's first week of Pre-K...

Thursday morning, we get up early and get dressed nice and cute for the Pre-K Open House. I try so hard to keep a smile on my face, and be excited for my girls and this new school. Inside though I am so frustrated because this is not a great school. Most of the schools that surround our zone are excellent schools, but this one has many negatives to me. We walk up to registration, and find out that Chloe and Cassie are in different classes. Immediately I feel the panic and anxiety setting in. I knew that someday they would be separated, but now? At 4 years old? In PRE-Kindergarten? This is just not ok. I'm not emotionally or mentally prepared for this, and neither are the girls. The prinicipal explains to me that they always separate family members, but if I want them to, they will try to switch one of the girls. We walk down to the first classroom, Chloe's class. The teachers are great, Chloe seems totally comfortable in here. This could be okay, this school might work for one year, then we'll move... Next we walk down the hall to Cassie's classroom. Cassie says to me "mommy, I didn't know that Chloe and me weren't going to be in the same class. Did you know?" I shake my head, but she gives me a questioning look. "Cassie, I found out the same moment that you did, I promise." (We always talk about things/events before they happen) My cell phone rings, my hands are shaking as I try to answer Brian's call. He asks how it is and I can feel the anxiety coming on strong. I am not okay with our girls being different classes and neither is he. He says to tell them we want them in the same class, and for them to take care of it today, not wait until the first day to see if there is any space in either of the classes--this is the option that the Pre-K social worker told me. We then walk into Cassie's class and the teacher barely says a word to us. The classroom feels cold and unwelcoming. This is not where Cassie belongs, I'm sure now. If they are in different classes, they won't get to eat together or have recess together. Why should they be torn away from their best friends?

The first day:
There are no tears, just lots of smiles. Even after I leave, no tears. My girls are in the same class, with great teachers. This is good. They are the minority as far as language goes(15 out of 20 of the kids speak Spanish), but hopefully they will learn Spanish!
I pick them in the carpool and ask how their first day was. They say in some order all at once "fabulous, wonderful, great, fun, so cool, ..." They loved it.

The rest of the week went about the same. And the past 2 months have proven to be just as wonderful for them. I have never heard a complaint, only excitement. Their bedtime is 7:00, giving them plenty of rest before their 6:30am wake up call. It's also nice to have some quiet time with Brian in the evenings.

Just thought I'd post this since I put actual thought into starting it...

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Chas said...

Glad that the school situation got worked out. You always want the first experience to be a positive one, especially at 4. Good job Mom..