Saturday, October 28, 2006

5 Keys to Being a Great Wife

LDS Living came out with a great article today entitled "5 Keys to Being a Great Wife." I really enjoyed this, and I actually agree with practically everything. It's definitely worth reading the whole article, but here are some of my favorite points:

Do Honor Your Parents
Now just how does a wife honor her parents in her marriage? One important way is to keep them out of your marriage. President Kimball expressed this well; “You love them more than ever; you cherish their counsel; you appreciate their association; but you live your own lives.”

Do Value Yourself
In your marriage, you must choose to be a partner in the marriage relationship—not a limited partner, not the general partner, but a full and active equal partner. If you take the time to develop yourself as a full partner, then you can have the true oneness in marriage that you desire.

Do Gain an Understanding of What a Man Is
As we study “maleness,” we learn that our perspectives are different. They look at the world differently than we do. But it’s just like glasses are different for each person. Is one right and the other wrong? No, each perspective is just different and suited to our needs and circumstances.
One of the biggest insights gained in my marriage is that my husband thinks like a guy. Wow! What a revelation! Often when he wasn’t talking, it was because he didn’t have any deep thoughts to share. Nothing personal.

Do Value Your Commitment
A friend said to me one day, “I want the same testimony of my marriage as I do of the Church.”
All our marriages are at various levels of love and commitment. Even within our own marriage, my husband and I have varying degrees from year to year. Hopefully, we can work on improving our present feelings and move them in a positive direction.


Kristy said...

Carol, These are really great points to think about. Thanks for sharing!

Todd said...

"Often when he wasn’t talking, it was because he didn’t have any deep thoughts to share. Nothing personal."

Amen to that!

Deanna said...

I enjoyed reading the full article. I need to print it out and read it every month or two. I definitely saw some things that I could work on to be a better wife to Todd! Thanks for sharing!