Sunday, May 27, 2007


We are in Alexandria, Egypt but unable to access email. Hopefully this will be able to get around the library's security system. I'm posting this to my blog as well to see if that works any better...

We saw the Pyramids of Giza yesterday-incredible!!! We also went on a Jeep & camel safari through the Sahara Desert! That was pretty wild! Today we are exploring the city of Alexandria...not my favorite place we have visited, but exciting none the less. Hope all is well.

Carol & Brian

Chloe and Cassie-we love you!!!
Becca-Ma is so excited about her earring! We had a wonderful time in Reunion!
Mom-see you in a week!
Melissa-Happy Birthday!!!


Kristy said...

Had no idea you were going to Egypt. COOL! Have fun!

jennifer said...

How is it that this entire time of knowing you, I never knew you had a blog?!!!!! Very cool and I'm so glad you are having so much fun out there. Sounds very exotic!!!!