Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10 Year Reunion!!!!!!!!!!

I know that I still need to post about my amazing trip last month, and I will, I promise! But first a few pics from my 10 year high school reunion...

Note:I was definitely the most changed of all my friends, they have never seen me with STRAIGHT HAIR!!! add a tattoo, and make-up(I never was much of a fan) I couldn't believe how many people had to look at my name tag or would stare at me for several seconds before they realized who I was!

Note 2: Brian couldn't go to the Reunion with me because he used up all of his vacation time to go on our incredible trip last month. I'm excited for him to meet my friends in the near future.

The first night we met downtown, it was a wild reunion with my dearest and wildest friends from high school. (missed you Becky!) It's amazing how fast time passes, but yet we were able to pick up right where we left off. I love you girls!!!

Day two, though very tired, I took Chloe & Cassie to the "Family Picnic" This is where I got to show off my beautiful and fabulous children. Only 2 of my friends of my high school have kids or are even married! Melissa and my sister Becca came with me to make sure I wasn't lonely! :)

(In between reunion festivities, my little brother Jacob got baptized! Chloe and Cassie are so excited to turn in 2 1/2 years, when they will be able to get baptized too!)

Saturday evening was the "Main Mane Event", a formal dinner, there was a bit of drama regarding the planning of the reunion...oh high school... My lobster dinner was delicious and I had the chance to talk to even more old friends. We then went out for some more precious catching up time.

It truly was a wonderful weekend. There is nothing like old friends, one's I've known for half my life even.

Nathalie, Lori, me, & Katie

Melissa, me & Joe

at the Reunion Family Picnic

Michelle, me, Katie & Nat

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Andrea said...

Carol, that's great you went to your high school reunion! Can't wait to come to mine next year w/ Becca! looks like you had fun and you look beautiful :) love Andrea