Friday, August 24, 2007


Last week Chloe and Cassie started Kindergarten. They were so excited to have homework on their first day of school. (I'm not kidding!) They are in the same class again this year, and have 2 fabulous teachers for their main class. Each day they go to a specialty class-Art, Music, Computer Lab, and P.E.--where they are learning how to do push-ups! They trully love school, and are such bright girls. And their best friend from last year is in their class again. (Her mom requested this! I didn't even know you could ask to be in the same class as your friend...)


Deanna said...

Cute pictures. I was glad to see a post up from you! Keep it up...hint hint.

I'm so glad the girls loves school. Alia is loving it too. Cool that their friend is in their class (I didn't know you could request that either!).

Rebecca and Jason said...

i am soo happy they love school. and i bet you are too!! tell them hello for me.

Liz said...

They look so cute! Hailey has the exact same backpack as your girls! Cute!