Friday, July 27, 2007

We finished too!

Brian and I bought Harry Potter CD's. We both managed to finish listening to it on our iPods within 4 days. We're both so busy that listening is the only way to go for us. For me, instead of sitting in a corner ignoring the world reading my book for 2 days, I listened while cooking, cleaning, driving, sleeping...And Brian listened intently while at work for a couple of days! We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyone who wants to talk about the book, give me a call!!!


Sean, Jeni, and Sara said...

Hi Carol, I found your blog from Rebecca's. Sean and I LOVED the 7th Harry Potter book. We finished reading it in about 3 days...We have a tradition of reading it outloud to was hard not to read it while he was at work. Anyway, we thought it was great. Loved the ending and thought she did a great job at tying up all the loose ends from all the books. my blog address is

Andrea said...

Hey Carol..we're planning on getting the book on cd.. Brant loves to listen to them on cd..and same for me, not a fan of reading..seems like a waste of time, when I need to be doing other things! do you like listening to the book, then seeing the movie?