Monday, June 25, 2007

Chloe & Cassie Update

It's been several months since I posted about my cute little twins, so here it goes...

Soccer: Cassie turned into quite the little soccer player this season. She averaged 2 goals per game, and was determined to be part of every minute on the field (vs. last season-just hanging out). Chloe seemed to be getting more into it by the end of the season, and even scored her first goal the last game!

School: Chloe & Cassie finished Pre-K in May and are getting ready to start Kindergarten next month! They really love going to school, playing with friends and learning. This past year they had great teachers, which made our first real school experience a success. We have requested for the girls to be in the same class next year, after that they will probably be in different classes. They have been working on their reading and math, and are getting quite good at both.

Body Parts: Cassie lost her first tooth in the car on the way to her grandma & grandpa's house. Chloe lost her first tooth a few days later at her Aunt Melissa's house. Brian and I were on vacation, so the tooth fairy was kind enough to leave the teeth behind for their parents to see...which meant the tooth fairy gave them money twice! A few weeks later Cassie pulled out her other very wiggly tooth. Chloe's other tooth is barely hanging on. For both girls it is their bottom front teeth, and both have their adult teeth coming in already.

Bikes: Last month my mom taught the girls to ride bikes without training wheels. This is something I have been terrified of doing, I was too scared of them falling and bleeding all over the place. My mom was a trooper and jumped right in. Now they are having a blast riding up and down our street. Thanks mom!!!

Swimming: I have two little fish on my hands. They race across the pool, swim to the bottom to get toys, dive off of rocks and diving boards, and twist and turn under the water. They simply love to swim.

Activities: Chloe and Cassie just love dancing..we've been watching the show "So You Think You Can Dance" and the girls copy everything they do. I guess it's time to get them into more serious dance classes. They've taken ballet but not too intensely. They are working on cartwheels and handstands. Also, they are very into fashion...they just pulled all of our clothes out of our suitcases to create a fashion store in our bedroom at my uncle's house!

Overall: Chloe and Cassie are such sweet girls, always helpful, kind and considerate. They make me laugh constantly, they are just so silly. Cassie seems to be a bit more outgoing and Chloe kind of sits back and watches her. I just adore my girls. Oh, and they are so excited for their upcoming cousin Isabelle, they prayer for their Aunt Becca and baby Isabelle every day.


Maren said...

Hey Carol,
Blast from the's your fellow Gator, Maren Clifton (well now I'm Maren Cupit)! Anyway, I found your blog. Your family is adorable! You guys look super happy! Check out my fam at Where are you guys living now? We're in Baton Rouge.

Love to you all,

Kristy said...

Sounds like the girls are doing great! Crazy that they start kindergarten next month. Is it a full or half day program?