Monday, July 16, 2007

Unfortunate Matters

Our very good friends, the Montgomery's, are moving to Utah on Thursday. This is going to be very hard on our entire family. Their daughter Avery is the same age as Chloe and Cassie, and they are all best friends. Yesterday I had this conversation with Chloe:
Me: Chloe, which friend do you like playing with the most?
Chloe: Unfortunately, Avery.
Me: Why did you say unfortunately? (I was thinking that she may be using the word incorrectly)
Chloe: I said unfortunately because she is moving to UTAH!

She was in fact using the word correctly, and I agree, it is indeed very unfortunate.

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Rebecca and Jason said...

Hey carol!! it is rebecca and i just read that and it made me feel sad for your girls! i added you to my page feel free to check it out.